Information Resources Project

This project is the result of a initiative that a colleague and I began over a year ago.  The Information Resource Project is a early attempt to create an open digital collection development project.   The initial  idea was to create a place where anyone can post a resource that they found interesting.  At first, the intent of the project was to create a list of free, open, and credible resources that anyone, including librarians, could use to supplement the collections of libraries and information centers with smaller or non-existent budgets.  Initially I designed it as a list on a wiki which was just unmanageable.  Tatiana Bryant, of NYU’s Bobst Library, made a genius intervention, converting and expanding the document in the shape of a web form.   The change in the format has made the product more collaborative and, we hope, more universal.   Feel free to add anything that you find interesting  and useful via the link :Information Resources


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