Research Journal Update

It seems that the research journal  that I developed has been catching on with librarians and classroom faculty here at Hunter College.  I am pretty excited about the prospects.  By keeping it open and flexible, users have been able to to take the format and concept and tweak it to their needs.

Recently, I have been invited to talk about the item and its impact on students and learning , in a session of Tech Thursdays, here at Hunter College.  It should be a great opportunity to get feedback, and potentially additional users.  Thus far it has been used in Africana Studies, literature, Library Studies and, I think, Anthropology.  The seemingly universal nature of the documents usage has only re-ignited my interest in creating a web based interface for the document.  One that  users can keep their information in an account at track their research experiences over time.    Hopefully time, and funding will make them selves apparent soon.


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